About Me

Welcome to the world of Eliza Bush! I am a real life version of the women of the past. I have a beautiful face resembling Botticelli with a mind as bright as the sparkle in my eyes. I enjoy life, as it is meant to be enjoyed, with no cares of the judgements of others and I promise you a carefree, amazing time when you spend time with me. I am a tall, leggy brunette with soft, billowing curves.
I have the personality of a whimsical hipster ingenue. One of the things I enjoy most are the moments where you and I escape from the hectic world and are just truly present in our moment with each other.
I am Au Naturale in every regard. I love my plush, pheromone filled body hair. I am full bush, “Big Bush Energy” reminiscent of your favorite 70’s porn stars.


Size 12/14 dress size
Weight: 160lbs
Shoe size 10
Piercings: ears, nose
Short hair

All natural: unshaven legs, armpits, bush etc

Some of my educational and Career Achievements

I have a degree in Liberal arts education. However, I feel like I have learned so much more out of the classroom. I love animals (I would love to hear about your fur babies!), and have rescued 4 pets myself (3 cats and a dog). I like being an active member of my local community, including other lovely provider friends. In fact, if you are a provider I’d love to link back to some of your websites!

Places I have visited / Would love to visit

I grew up in the midwest, and I was very anxious to travel as a young person. I hope you and I can partake on some fun filled, epic getaways together.
I have worked in the galleries of Canyon road, rocked out with the ghost of John Lennon in the Casbah Club, climbed to the top of ancient Mayan ruins. I have sung with live orchestras, danced ballet en pointe,and have swum in an underground cenote.
The best memories, by far, are made side-by-side with those I hold dear.
I moved back home to Michigan for a while, flocking to the nearest city, Detroit. I ended up falling in love with the city, finding good friends, food, and community. Whether you have lived here all of your life, or recently relocated, I look forward to having new experiences with you in Detroit and the metropolitan area.

I was traveling prior to covid-19, visiting old friends and making some new ones along my path. From Columbus, Ohio to New York City. I have friends in Seattle and San Francisco,and was frequenting Chicago.I also had future plans to go to Philly and Atlanta before the pandemic. I don’t plan on touring until 2021 ( when hopefully things return to some semblance of normalcy),but if you are in any of these locations (or a new one I haven’t been to yet), I’d love to get to know you virtually.  We can woo each other until a Fly Me To You is in the works.

Things to help you know how to plan for a perfect evening with me

My place, yours or even an outing to some fun out of the bedroom setting will suit me just fine.

Some of my favorite things

Fav color: green (although I wear a lot of blue)
I’m a fizzy-drink fiend. An iced cold McDonald’s Coke always hits the spot.
Coffee: bright, light roasts, with plenty of cream and sugar. I used to drink it black, but life is short and we all deserve a little pleasure (even if it’s a full-fat breve)

Sour gummy worms
I take my steak medium rare (I like a little pink)

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Consent is important, and substances can often blur this. I don’t indulge to the point of partying, but I enjoy many pleasures in life. If you plan on indulging with me (whether at my place or yours), please make sure your offerings are in UNOPENED containers. Bottles of alcohol should be new, and this also goes for dispensary products (keep them with the seal unbroken).

Besides weed and alcohol, I don’t indulge in other substances, I don’t judge those who do but I prefer that you don’t either. Please know your own limits when consuming ANY substances (even alcohol), and inform me if you have taken any new medications in case of emergency. I practice harm reduction and carry narcan.

Some of my Favorite Drinks

Four Roses/Glenn Mcallan, Red Zin, Dry Sparklings, Malbec, Porters/Stouts

Favorite weed strains

I mostly smoke Sativas, but I appreciate a nice hybrid or Indica every now and then. My favs: Tangie, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Tangerine Dream, Cherry Pie

Some of my Hobbies

Computer games (Sims)
I collect vintage pulp fiction stories about sex workers: ‘hustlers’, ‘madams’, ‘career-girls’, ‘pick-ups’
I prefer walking my dog, swimming, or dancing with friends to the daily grind of the gym

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